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Photography has always been a trusted follower in my life. Starting with analog photography at highschool. Followed by a couple of years using a small compact digital camera. But I missed the image quality so I bought a small DSLR. That was 20 years ago and since then photography has been a real hobby for me. I like different types of photography but with a passion for landscape, people, cocktails and astrophotography.


Over the years I have also done work as a freelance photographer mainly shooting weddings and portraits. 

For more cocktail pictures visit my instagram mixology_by_magnus

I use cameras and lenses from Fujifilm both GFX and XF systems. For flash and lightshaping Profoto. Tripod from Gizo and Really right stuff-Filter from Breakthrough photography. And my astrophotography rigg is ZWO, I-optron, Optalong filters and William optics telescopes.

Linköping february 2023


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